The Most Advanced Precision Water Sensor to Save Water & Money 

Droplet is a cutting-edge ultrasonic sensor that monitors your home's water usage from a single point. It easily identifies leaks, avoids unexpected surprises, and discovers new ways to save.

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Peace of Mind with Leak Detection

Using custom patent-pending algorithms, Droplet can help identify small & hidden leaks, pipe bursts, and unusually high water usage, ensuring you're alerted before significant water damage occurs.  

Tracks Appliances and Fixtures for Ultimate Insights

Droplet detects the unique ultrasound patterns for the most used appliances and fixtures in your home. This reveals when and how much water is being used in real time and historically, offering an unparalleled level of insight currently unavailable in the market.

How Droplet Works

Clamp on near the main water shut-off valve and follow guided setup in the mobile app.

Dual ultrasonic sensors detect every drop of your home's water flow.

Get alerts, trends, detailed usage data, and discover new ways to save in the app.

Adjustable Alerts to Focus on What's Most Important

Droplet's alerts are adjustable letting you mute known issues or change sensitivity levels to receive only the most relevant alerts, giving you precise control.

Simple DIY Install, Get Started in Minutes

Droplet is easy to install yourself, using a universally adjustable clamp to fit any pipe size. It attaches to your home's main water pipe (next to the main shutoff valve), allowing for quick and tool-free setup without pipe cutting, providing a hassle-free start.


Follow the easy guided setup in the mobile app.


Adjust the universal clamp on your pipe.


Once the light turns blue, Droplet is ready!

Tracking Trends That Help You Save Even More

By tracking trends with Droplet's detailed dashboards and graphs you'll discover new insights into your water usage, ensuring control over your water conservation efforts and increasing savings for your unique home and family. 

Tech Specs & FAQ

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About the Team

Hydrific is dedicated to redefining water sustainability, empowering individuals with accessible information and tools to simplify water conservation. Through simple solutions, Hydrific offers homeowners and tenants invaluable insights and control over their water usage, bringing forth the vision of sustainable homes in the present day. Supported by the global reach and expertise of LIXIL, a global leader in creating water and housing products, Hydrific is committed to reshaping perceptions and practices around water usage through sustainable solutions. 

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We're Launching Soon. Get an exclusive discount by signing up now!